The midpoint of the festival is almost here


The Opening Ceremony was celebrated yesterday, and now the festival is in full flight. The ticket sales have been delightfully busy and many shows are filling up. Now it is a good time to come enjoy the wide selection of the main programme and other programmes.

A part of the main programme is, for example, The Death of the Actor, which will be performed at Hällä-näyttämö on Wednesday at 19.00 and on Thursday at 16.00. It goes in detail into encounters, power relationships, performing and hidden motives of acting. On Thursday 4.8. at 19.00 and on Friday 5.8. at 15.30 at Pakkahuone uncontrollable niXXXavuori changes the ways that classics are discussed and finds the connections between national identity and shame.

On T Lab’s Wednesday the performance I Love! looks into the life, fears, hopes and pleasures of an artist couple. Disco of Fairytales sees death from the point of view of a Goth, and it looks beautiful. On Thursday Anneli Saaristo and Yona perform soulful songs that take the viewers to a rollercoaster of feelings.

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