Tampere Theatre Festival is held between 1 – 7 August 2022. The Main Programme was announced in May.

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Tampere Theatre Festival is the oldest and the largest professional theatre festival in the Nordic countries, serving as a display window for the most interesting and up-to-the-minute productions in Finnish theatre, and attracting leading international guests from all corners of the globe. Annually in the beginning of August the city of Tampere becomes Finland’s theatre capital as local and international performing arts troupes take over the city’s stages and squares.

Below you will find the contact information of Tampere Theatre Festival office and staff. You will also find a list of the members of the board and the artistic team.

If you are interested in taking part in the festival and you would like to propose a production, please click "how to apply".

The Facts & Figures section includes background information about Tampere Theatre Festival, as well as information about the different programme categories.

On the Accommodation section you will find information about local hotels which cooperate with Tampere Theatre Festival.


    Ticket Sales
    Tel. +358 3 223 1066
    Tullikamarin aukio 2, 2nd floor
    5.5.–1.7. and 18.–29.7.
    Mon–Fri 11–16
    (Closed on weekends, on Ascension Day 26.5., at Midsummer 23.–26.6., and 4.–17.7.)
    The opening times of the festival week will be announced at a closer date.

    +358 3 222 8536

    Tampere Theatre Festival
    Tullikamarin aukio 2
    33100 Tampere, Finland

    +358 3 214 0992

    +358 3 223 1064


    Emails of staff members (marked with *): firstname.lastname(at)

    Executive Director
    Hanna Rosendahl*

    Office Manager
    Seija Parviainen*


    Head of PR and Marketing
    Tiina Hurskainen*

    PR and Marketing Coordinator
    Tarja Sahlstedt*

    PR and Marketing Coordinator
    Elina Valkama*

    PR Assistant
    Idil Tekin

    PR Assistant
    Reetta Toivettula


    Jonni Pantzar*

    Production Coordinator
    Mikko Sorrela*

    Production Coordinator
    Fanniina Tuomola*

    T LAB

    Programme & Producer
    Elina Valkama*

    Contact: off(at)

    Production Coordinator
    Emilia Kiuru*

    Production Assistant
    Sofia Ketola


    Contact: tapahtumienyo(at)

    Production Coordinator
    Fanniina Tuomola*

    Production Assistant
    Sofia Ketola


    Ticket Sales Coordinator
    Iida Sahlman*



    Coordinator for International Guests
    Emilia Kiuru*


    Artistic team (Main Programme)

    Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen

    Tanjalotta Räikkä
    Actor, director, writer


    The Board of Directors 2022
    Reino Bragge
    Otso Kautto
    Mikko Kanninen
    Juha-Matti Koskela
    Ella Näsi
    Marko Kallio
    Riitta Ollila
    Panu Raipia
    Aku-Paulus Sajakorpi
    Tommi Silvennoinen
    Kaisa Vatanen



    Welcome to Tampere Theatre Festival 2022 as an international guest or a member of international press! Please register for the festival by filling in the guest form below.


    Tampere Theatre Festival will be organized next time between 1 – 7 August 2022. The choices for the international Main Programme 2022 have been made.

    Main Programme

    The performances for the Main Programme are always invited to the festival by the artistic team, which currently includes director-writer Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen, actor, director, writer Tanjalotta Räikkä and festival's executive director Hanna Rosendahl.

    Instead of an open call, the programming of the festival is an ongoing process led by the artistic team. If you are interested in proposing a production for the Main Programme, please provide us with sufficient information about your company and the production by e-mail: info(at)

    If the artistic team is interested in your performance and wants to know more, they will contact you.

    The choices for the international Main Programme will mainly be made in the previous autumn. The Main Programme is announced annually at the beginning of May.  

    Photographs, reviews, recommendations and DVD's only by request.


    See also the other programmes below:

    OFF Tampere

    Alternatively you could take part in the OFF Tampere Fringe Festival, which is open to all who wish to perform in the festival at their own expense. The online application for OFF Tampere opens on the website in May.
    For more information, please contact off(at)

    T Lab

    A wide variety of small-scale theatre performances, poetry, monologues, vocal performances and concerts. Performances for The T Lab Programme are by invitation only. If you would like to propose your production for the T Lab, please contact info(at)


    Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen and Tanjalotta Räikkä
    The performances for the Main Programme are always invited to the festival by the artistic team, which currently includes Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen and Tanjalotta Räikkä. 
    (Image by Jonni Pantzar)

    Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen

    Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen (born in 1980) is a stage director, writer, and curator. Iivanainen was awarded an artist's grant for 2017-2021 by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. She has a bachelor's degree in theatre from the Chicago College of Performing Arts (2003) and has graduated as a stage director from the Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy in 2010. Currently Iivanainen is finishing up her studies in the Master's Degree Program of Futures Studies in Turku School of Economics.

    Iivanainen's directorial works are mostly premieres of contemporary dramas and new adaptations of classics. Her works have been performed in various Finnish theatres and festivals, by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), and also internationally, e.g. in The United States and Mexico. During 2015-2018, she was the artistic director of Theatre Jurkka in Helsinki.

    In 2019, she was the first Finnish person to be chosen as a Fellow in the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) Global Fellowship Program, as well as for the jury of the prestigious International Ibsen Award. In addition, Hilkka-Liisa frequently visits international festivals, events and seminars as a speaker and moderator.

    Tanjalotta Räikkä

    Tanjalotta Räikkä (born in 1962) is a freelance actor, writer and director. During her career, she has worked in several theatres across Finland both as a permanently employed actor and as a guest actor. Räikkä's long career has included involvement in independent groups and projects as well as about 20 movie roles and a great deal of TV and radio work.

    She is a founding member and a member of the artistic team of Theatre Telakka, which received the Finnish state prize for performing arts in 2013.

    In recent years, Räikkä has worked also as a writer and director. She has taught acting and held positions of responsibility in the theatre field, such as the role as a member of the National Council for Performing Arts.

    Räikkä has also participated in international projects and festivals in Germany, Mexico and Estonia among others. In addition to acting, she has sung backing vocals on several artists' albums. Hospital clownery is also very close to her heart.



    Tampere Theatre Festival

    Tampere Theatre Festival is the oldest and the largest professional theatre festival in the Nordic countries, serving as a display window for the most interesting and up-to-the-minute productions in Finnish theatre, and attracting leading international guests from all corners of the globe. The festival programme includes new drama, modernised classics, dance theatre, contemporary circus and street theatre.

    Tampere Theatre Festival takes place next time 1–7 of August 2022 around the city of Tampere.

    The Festival Consists of Five Programme Categories

    The Main Programme

    The Main Programme forms the artistic framework of the festival. Every year, approximately 20 theatre companies are invited to perform in Tampere. About 13 of these are Finnish and around 7 arrive from abroad. The performances for the Main Programme are always invited to the festival by the artistic team. Instead of an open call, the programming of the festival is an ongoing process led by the team.

    T Lab (formerly known as Programme Tent)

    The unique atmosphere of T Lab is perfect for both ethereal concerts and upbeat club nights as well as poetry and small-scale theatre performances. 
    The name of the programme changed for T Lab (in Finnish TelttaLab) in 2021 when the performances took place first time at the G Livelab Tampere.


    Hotel Tammer Concerts

    Two concerts at Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer celebrate the long-term collaboration with Tampere Theatre Festival and the 90th anniversary of the iconic riverside hotel in the heart of Tampere.

    OFF Tampere

    What would a festival be without fringe? OFF Tampere fringe festival is open to all who wish to perform in the festival at their own expense. Every year about 35 companies participate in OFF Tampere.

    The Great Nocturnal Happening

    During the night between Thursday and Friday, the Great Nocturnal Happening and its carnevalistic atmosphere take over the city of Tampere as different co-operative parties, such as associations, companies, parishes and the City council itself, arrange happenings and events around Tampere.

    ... and also meetings, seminars and discussions

    Besides performances, various meetings, workshops, seminars and discussions are also organised during the festival week. Some of them are open to the public, some for professionals only, but all of them bring together theatre lovers from different corners of the world.

    More Information

    PR Team
    tel. +358 3 214 0992

    tel. + 358 3 222 8536

    Postal Address

    Tampere Theatre Festival
    Tullikamarin aukio 2
    33100 Tampere


    The First 50 Years of the Festival

    The Birth of Tampere Theatre Festival

    When Finnish theatre got its own festival, Tampere was a natural choice with two strong theatres, Pyynikki Summer Theatre with its world-renowned rotating auditorium and a local journalist, Olavi Veistäjä (known also as Parras) who was passionate about theatre. Tampere Theatre Festival was born from this combination.

    The Festival got a push from the cultural revolution of the 60’s. During this time period, various new festivals sprouted up and in the midst of this wave, Olavi Veistäjä presented the idea of the Theatre Festival to the City’s Mayor Erkki Lindfors. During the autumn of 1968, Tampere City Council became the founding member of the Festival and started to make plans for the event to take place in August the following year. The other founding members were The Theatre Club of Tampere, TTT Theatre, Tampere Theatre and two actors unions. The goal was to present an overall view of Finnish theatre and this is exactly what happened. The festival offered an opportunity to compare and create an overall picture of Finnish theatres. The festival was also an ideal setting for seminars, discussions and meetings.

    The budget for the first Festival forced the organisers to limit their selection to local talent, which gave the amateur  theatres the opportunity to join in. The real surprise did come from the amateurs; a big hit amongst both the audiece and the critics was Tampere Pop Theater’s sensational musical, Hair, which was an economic saviour as well.

    Olavi Veistäjä’s season was formed from four three-year-periods. The first period introduced Finnish Theatre and the Festival soon became national. The plays were mainly Finnish in the mid 70’s, and in the late 70’s the Festival concentrated in the ”Best of theatre year”. The last 3-year-period was named ”The review of reforming Finnish Theatre”. Some selected theatres brought more than one of their plays to the festival to show their versatility. There were also some international visitors.
    Veistäjä had no prejudice with his programme choices. Even when he was 70, he was full of innovative ideas for the festival, but he also stayed realistic. He understood that the Festival would die out if the ideas – themes and performances – didn't draw in the audiences.

    Olavi Veistäjä was helped by an Executive Committee, (1969-1989) with members like Leena Lindfors, Simo Tavaste, Kai Savola, Rauli Lehtonen, Simo Johansson, Veli Sandell, Lasse Pöysti, Hannu Partala, Kaarina Suonio, Leena Vihola, Esko Roine, Mikko Majanlahti and Aila Manninen. Veistäjä’s closest associate was the Executive Director, Veli Sandell.

    The Festival was important to Veistäjä from the beginning to the end - he controlled its finances better than his own. In 1987 he withdrew from the roles of Debuty Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee after 19 years. Headlines screamed ”A Vacancy for the Pope”, theatre makers were shocked. The Executive Director, Sandell resigned as well.

    For a year the Festival was led by the Executive Director Markku Kontro.

    Tampere Theatre Festival Becomes International

    The grand old lady of the theatre world, Vivica Bandler, took the reigns in her hands in 1989. New winds blew during Bandler’s season as the Artistic Consultant and Artistic Director of Tampere Theatre Festival. The ”local feeling” disappeared and  the festival became a fresh mixture of Finnish, Scandinavian and other international theatre. Like Veistäjä, Bandler was a strong personality and didn’t lack ideas. Having worked abroad for a long time, Bandler was one of the most innovative characters of the theatre world and made Tampere Theatre Festival truly international.

    Together with the Executive Director, Leena Vihola, she marketed the Festival more efficiently and especially international contacts were multiplied. International press got interested and in addition to that, international festivals came over to source productions for them. More professionals from different sectors of theatre arrived year after year, when the word spread of the individual programme.

    It was decided that the programme shouldn’t be limited into certain themes. It should be given a chance to breathe easily and reflect the phenomenona of the time. Vivica Bandler built a strong bridge between Scandinavian countries and Europe. ”Vivica’s kitchen” was a well known concept around the world, where theatre folk, including the likes of Bertolt Brecht, had discussions about culture and planned the Festival programme.

    Bandler’s goal was to organise a festival that attracts its audience from Tampere and surrounding areas, as well as nationwide. These goals, which were successfully met, created a foundation for the event. It included a varied and high quality programme – the foundation that enabled the group of three and the new Executive Director to develop the Festival further.

    Tampere Theatre Festival – the present

    After Vivica Bandler’s distinguished season, the Executive Director of Theatre Center, Raija-Liisa Seilo, was chosen to be the Executive Director of Tampere Theatre Festival and the artistic team developed a functioning system that still operates: A team of three or two people together with the Executive Director are in charge of the programme. Their task is to view hundreds of theatre performances and choose the best ones through a tight sieve. After Raija-Liisa Seilo’s season, the Executive Director of Dance theatre Mobita/Dansco, Hanna Rosendahl, was chosen to be the next Executive Director of Tampere Theatre Festival in 2007.

    At present the proportions of the Festival are completely different from the beginning. The programme is more extensive and number of performances has increased dramatically – alongside with the audience numbers. The Festival has changed from Olavi Veistäjä’s small team to an organization with proficient people from different professions who work together with the valuable volunteer workers.

    The fundamental principle of Tampere Theatre Festival has been preserved: In Tampere we see an extensive selection of the best Finnish theatre. In addition it is possible now to see an international programme, which has covered a third of the Main Programme since Vivica Bandler’s season. Over the fifty years Tampere Theatre Festival has risen to be one of the most significant festivals in Scandinavia and the Northern Europe.


    Hällä-näyttämö (Hällä Stage)
    Hämeenkatu 25
    33200 Tampere

    Laikunlava (Library Stage)
    Kulttuuritalo Laikku (Cultural House Laikku)

    Puutarhakatu 1
    33100 Tampere

    Tampereen Komediateatteri
    Lapintie 3 A
    33100 Tampere

    Pakkahuone ('Old Customs' House Hall')
    Tullikamarin aukio 2
    33100 Tampere

    Tampere-talo (Tampere Hall)
    Yliopistonkatu 55
    33100 Tampere

    Tampereen Teatteri
    TT Frenckell

    Frenckellinaukio 2
    33101 Tampere

    Tampereen Teatteri – Päänäyttämö
    Keskustori 2
    33100 Tampere

    Tampereen Työväen Teatteri
    TTT Eino Salmelainen

    Hämeenpuisto 28
    33200 Tampereäyttämöt/vanha-päänäyttämö

    Tampereen Työväen Teatteri
    TTT Kellariteatteri

    Hämeenpuisto 28
    33200 Tampereäyttämöt/kellariteatteri

    Tampereen Työväen Teatteri
    TTT Suuri näyttämö (Main Stage)

    Hämeenpuisto 32
    33200 Tampereäyttämöt/suuri-näyttämö

    D Wing of the University Main Campus
    Kalevantie 4,
    33100 Tampere

    Teatteri Telakka
    Tullikamarin aukio 3
    33100 Tampere

    T Lab, G Livelab
    Puutarhakatu 1
    33100 Tampere


    The theatre has a wheelchair, if needed.


    Wheelchair access from Satamakatu street entrance
    Also four (4) invalid parking spaces on Satamakatu

    Access to all floors with an elevator

    Suuri näyttömö has all together six (6) wheelchair seats,
    four (4) in row six and two in the box.

    Hearing aid
    Hearing aid on rows 6–9. May vary depending on the customers own device.

    Separate toilet with wheelchair access



    Nearest parking spaces in Hämeenpuisto

    Wheelchair access and an elevator to balcony

    Eino Salmelaisen näyttämö has two (2) wheelchair seats on the balcony.

    Hearing aid
    Hearing aid in stall, not on the balcony
    May vary depending on the customers own device

    Separate toilet with wheelchair access right next to balcony



    Nearest parking spaces in Hämeenpuisto

    Wheelchair access with an elevator on the right side staircase
    Staff will help if needed.

    Access to wheelchair seats

    Separate toilet with wheelchair access on the same floor as the auditorium





    Two (2) wheelchair seats
    Toilet with wheelchair access
    Elevator for wheelchair,  weight max. 225 kg
    Hearing aid on rows 1–9

    Two (2) wheelchair seats
    Toilet with wheelchair access


             More information can be found on the Tampere-talo's website



            Two (2) wheelchair seats.
            Toilet with wheelchair access.
            The Venue is on the basement floor.
            Auditorium is accessible also with an elevator.
            Stable audio induction loops system. 


    Elevator for wheelchair
    Toilet with wheelchair access
    Seven (7) wheelchair seats
    Hearing aid

    Wheelchair access
    Toilets with wheelchair access in Klubi
    and downstairs in Pakkahuone, access with an elevator


    Wheelchair access and WC



              Venue is located on the third floor of Teatteri Telakka,
              unfortunately the place is not accessible.   


              Wheelchair access and WC



            The Venue is accessible. Nearest WC can be found at Cultural House Laikku.


    As event organizers, we are committed to minimizing the impact of festivals on the environment.

    Complying with the standards of the EcoCompass environmental management system means we are taking measures such as fine-tuning our logistics and international flight arrangements to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We express our dedication to the well-being of the planet across our communication outlets, to the media, our partners and to our audiences. By placing emphasis on environmental issues and taking action, we are conveying a positive message to everyone – a message of a better future. The Tampere Theatre Festival is proud to be on the frontline of the Pirkanmaa region arts community, leading the way towards a cleaner, healthier Earth.
    Building an EcoCompass Environmental System



    "Tampere. The most loved city in Finland. Finland’s second largest city area and the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries. The Sauna Capital of the world. Home to the only Moomin Museum in the world. Culture, congresses, nature, lakes, activities, great food, cool people, events and festivals all year round. Tampere is not just a city, Tampere is a state of mind!"  - Visit Tampere

    Tampere is the number one domestic travel destination for Finns. Here are some reasons why:

    Theatre Capital of Finland

    Tampere is known as the theatre capital of Finland, both professional and amateur theatres aplenty. Two major theatres that frame the centre, summer theatre, musical theatre, dance theatre, modern theatre, children's theatre – Tampere has got it all! Click here for more information about the different theatres in Tampere.

    Tourist Attractions and Must-Sees

    Want to see all of Tampere at one go? Visit Näsinneula, the second highest observation tower in the Nordic countries! Alternative to that is the Pyynikki Observation Tower, where you can enjoy their legendary doughnuts.

    The world's only Moomin Museum can be found right here in Tampere! Free guided tours are offered in English every weekend. Three exciting Moomin events await you at Tampere Theatre Festival: workshops, a Garden Party, and Moomins on the Stage exhibition!

    Tampere is a home to a plethora of other museums as well:

    Sauna Capital of the World

    In addition to being the theatre capital of Finland, Tampere is also the sauna capital of the world! Choose your favorites from 35 different public saunas, all with unique atmospheres. Have a go at Rajaportti Sauna, the oldest public sauna in Finland still in use – since 1906! Dip into the scenic lake Pyhäjärvi at Rauhaniemi public sauna or try one of the newer saunas, such as Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma.


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