Breaking the frames and looking far beyond the canon of performance art and the nature of Finnish public gatherings, niXXXavuori takes a romantic, snowy image of a nation and turns it into a highly flammable study of the connections of shame and guilt with a national identity.

4 Floors of Whores brings a baseball bat into the discussion concerning Finnish theatre, its imagery and classics. The group’s aesthetics and working methods are a crash-mix of physical theatre, contemporary choreography, sound design and performance art spiced up with slices of pop culture, sensuality, compassion and bad manners.

Dreams, hubris and pleasure bring about a series of fragmented landscapes which evolve into compositions of moods and conditions.

”Forget Niskavuori… or don’t! Let go and experience this work through Niskavuori.”
Hanna Helavuori, (text in Finnish)