Recommended shows for non-Finnish speakers


Which shows could you go see if you do not understand Finnish? Here is a list of shows that we recommend.


International Performances 

This year in our main programme we have three amazing international performances that come from France, Spain and the Netherlands and Belgium.

Farm Fatale is Philippe Quesne’s surrealistic vision of an eco-revolution carried out by charming scarecrows. It is performed primarily in English, but this show is a visual and multisensory experience where speech does not dominate.

The choreograph Marcos Morau and his dance company La Veronal present Pasionaria, which communicates through virtuosic movement. Pasionaria is a world of progress, where something seems a bit off with its inhabitants.

Julian Hetzel’s All Inclusive combines multiple art forms from visual arts to theatre, and it will be performed in English. It takes a look at a contemporary art exhibition, the raw material of which is war waste from Syria, and criticizes the ways that war is aesthetized and capitilized.


Performances from Finland

Red Nose Company performs a family musical comedy Frankenstein and reminds us how everyone can feel like a monster sometimes. One of their performances is in English on Tuesday 2.8. at 15.00. If you cannot see Tuesday's performance, there is a synopsis available in English. 

niXXXavuori is a mix of physical theatre, contemporary choreography, sound design and performance art. It dives into Finnish national identity and guilt associated with it. Language is not a problem.

Some Finnish performances have synopses in English to support our non-Finnish speaking audience. Synopses are available for the shows Lou SaloméMy Son Who Disappeared and The Death of the Actor. You will find the synopses on our website in the introduction of the show.



Music is a universal language that you can enjoy in Tlab’s unique atmosphere. There are concerts of Anneli Saaristo, Yona, Rajaton and Timo Tuominen there, and also other performances make use of music alongside words. TLab has everything from ethereal concerts to upbeat club nights.


Other Programmes

OFF programme has, for example, circus performances by Circus Ruska and a dance performance Board by Tanssiteatteri MD. Robert McNamara performs Report to an Academy in English. On Thursday in our Nocturnal Happening there will be music, dance and other entertainment all over the city to enjoy.

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