Lou Salomé


A praise to freedom, true friendship and all the brilliant female writers who’ve been erased from history, the carnivalesque Lou Salomé is an intoxicating piece about self-awareness and claiming one’s space, and about passion for both work and life.

Lou Andreas-Salomé (1861–1937) was a well-known figure in her time, a glass-ceiling-breaking poet, philosopher and psychoanalyst, lover to Nietzsche and Rainer Maria Rilke, and a colleague who dazzled Freud. Her view of sexuality as a source of happiness celebrated eroticism and defied convention.

Her male colleagues were obsessed with her, and all those men became part of the canon of Western philosophy, psychoanalysis and art.

Why was Salomé forgotten?

”Vilma Melasniemi is very natural as Lou Salomé – living and breathing a yearning for knowledge, a voice and a passion in a world dominated by men.”
Jussi Kareinen, kulttuuritoimitus.fi (text in Finnish)

Synopsis in English