Report to an Academy

Scena Theatre / Robert McNamara

Based on the classic short story by the master of existential storytelling Franz Kafka.
Adapted for the Washington DC stage by the acclaimed German director Gabriele Jakobi.

An ape named Red Peter has evolved to behave like a human. He presents his fascinating tale of transformation – and the horrid details of his former ape life – to a top scientific academy.

Don't miss SCENA's wild parable brought to life. McNamara's return to the stage will compel you to ponder the issues of free will, vegetarianism, and animal rights.

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Robert McNamara is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Scena Theatre in Washington, DC. He has directed for 34 seasons in both the United States and Europe. His work spans from timeless classics to modern masterpieces, and he has staged numerous world and regional premieres on both sides of the Atlantic. Robert is regarded as an authority on great European dramas. He has taught drama, acting, and literature at prestigious schools and theatres across the Washington, DC region.