The performances by the students of Degree Programme in Theatre Arts have been announced


The performances made for Tampere Theatre Festival by the students of Degree Programme in Theatre Arts at the University of Tampere have been announced. 

In collaboration with Canadian contemporary theatre director James Long, the students are presenting three performances: How to get to Tampere? (orig. Miten täältä pääsee Tampereelle?), At the Courtyard (orig. Sisäpihalla) and Moulderer (orig. Maatuja – laulua maailmanlopun raunioilla). These site-specific performances are thematically connected to Long’s Lonely Lonely Oh So Lonely, which is part of this year’s Main Programme. The students’ performances will be held on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13. All three student performances have free entry.

The guiding teachers for the process of creating the performances are Samuli Nordberg and Pauliina Hulkko from Tampere University and James Long from Simon Fraser University. The students’ performances are part of a project called Lonely City, which is a pedagogic co-operative project of Tampere Theatre Festival, Degree Programme in Theatre Arts at the University of Tampere and director James Long from Simon Fraser University. This project started in early spring 2023. As a result of the collaboration, performances have been created in Tampere and also Vancouver.

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