Tampere Theatre Festival has plenty to offer to kids and families


The main programme and the OFF Tampere programme include theatre performances that entertain both kids and adults.

As part of the main programme, Red Nose Company presents Frankenstein, a musical work that is inspired by Mary Shelley’s horror classic. It reminds the audience that anyone can feel like a monster if they’ve ever felt different from others. Frankenstein will be performed in Finnish on Monday 1.8. at 19:00 and on Tuesday 2.8. at 13:00 and once in English on Tuesday 2.8. at 15:00. Age recommendation 5+. Read more about Frankenstein.

Frankenstein. In the photo: Tuukka Vasama and Timo Ruuskanen. Photo: Cata Portin.

The OFF Tampere programme includes three performances suitable for families (performed in Finnish):

The Mouse and the Great Adventure

Vinski of the City

Elsa and a Chick Called Touho

Read more about the OFF Tampere programme.

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