Isn’t there a little monster living inside all of us?

This family musical comedy inspired by Mary Shelley’s horror classic builds its tension step by step, entertaining both grade schoolers and their parents with a wild ride that takes a deep dive into the mysteries of science and then throws a funky disco party to boot. The story reminds us how everyone can feel like a monster if they’ve ever felt different from others.

Starring the rock-solid comedy team of Timo Ruuskanen and Tuukka Vasama as The Monster and Dr. Frankenstein, this production marks the duo’s second children’s show since their 2017 adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes, which was a huge hit with family audiences.

”Through improvisation and audience connection we can rebuild and reanimate Frankenstein on the fly to cater to each show’s particular demographic”, says Vasama.

”I loved it!”
Juni, aged 7

Synopsis in English