Newly Published Main Programme of Tampere Theatre Festival Celebrates Courage


The main theme of this year's programme is courage. It is visible in the 19 productions that are facing and demolishing fears, attacking racism in all its forms, dismantling the often harmful myths of the Western civilization and demolishing destructive stereotypes that try to bind down both individuals and communities.

The international guests include Australian Hot Brown Honey that welcomes the audience to the hive full of sweet and powerful artists, who take back their stories and re-write them in an exploding show that decolonizes the stages all around the globe, one by one.

Milo Rau, on of Europe's premier theatre directors, brings for the first time to Finland his recent work La Reprise (The Repetition). It is a masterful and shocking declaration of democratic reality theatre, where Rau and his ensemble examine multiple points of view to open up a true crime story.

International guests arrive to Tampere also from the UK, Canada, Switzerland and Sweden, to mention just a few. From Finland the festival welcomes prominent performances and co-productions from various theatres and groups, for example the Finnish National Theatre, Red Nose Company, Circo Aereo and Dance Theatre MD are included in this year's programme.  

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You can also read the on-line version of our programme magazine here.

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