OFF Tampere offers exquisite professional and non-professional performances to the festivalgoers throughout the week



OFF Tampere brings together versatile performances and events that range all the way from making music with plants to samba and a Moomin garden party. Wherever you go in the city of Tampere during the festival week, you will certainly come across something interesting. Most of the events are free of charge or cost only up to 15€, so why not attend as many as you like!

At the beginning of the Festival week you get to, for example, listen to some Finnish folk songs by Trio E-Molli or to an audioplay that deals with our relationship with plastic. Alternatively you can take part in a shadow puppet theatre workshop at the Moomin Museum or go see the improvisational mime group Plip 'n Bob.

The big crowdpleasers of the weekend include a samba procession by the Tampere based samba school União da Roseira and, of course, the Sorsapuisto Open Air Concert by The Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra.

Take a look at the full OFF Tampere programme here and pick your must-see events of the week!

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