União da Roseira

Carnival of the Rose – Samba by União da Roseira

União da Roseira, a Tampere based samba school, graces the streets of the city with its summer 2018 samba procession themed ’Seasons’.

The procession has been in the works for as long as a year, and everything – including each sequin on the costumes – has been planned down to the last detail. The procession boasts the heart of the school: the bateria, a percussion band that dazzles listeners with captivating rhythms, as well as the passistas, skillful solo dancers who dance in front of it. We will also see the front commission and their remarkable choreography, the flag bearers and their escorts presenting the school’s flag, the Bahianas in stunning outfits, the youngest dancers in the school, the adult groups and dancers in spectacular costumes that exude the spirit of the theme.