The young and up-and-coming band VIMMA boils its musical concoction from the ingredients of folk, rock and art pop. The powerful texts talk about our unstable times, the environmental crisis and the emotions it causes. The group not only wakes us up to see the current state of our planet, but also creates common strength in the midst of a crisis with its music.

Actor-director and activist Eeva Rajakangas sparkles as the soloist and lyricist of the seven-member collective. The Sámi-born Pessi Jouste is mainly responsible for the compositions.

”Vimma is certainly one of the most interesting bands fighting for our planet’s survival right now.” – Simon Broughton, FMQ

Read the entire Finnish Music Quarterly article here.

Eeva Rajakangas, vocals
Pessi Jouste, violin
Roope Jokinen, violin
Kalle Outila, acoustic guitar
Sonja Kaipainen, piano
Santeri Kettu, bass
Vilho Louhivuori, drums