Leipää, Lempee, Lämpöö – Hope Mass

The highly popular Nocturnal Happening mass continues with the Mass of Hope, featuring Arja Koriseva, accompanied by pianist Minna Lintukangas and accordionist-saxophonist-guitarist Mika Hakala.
Arja Koriseva, one of Finland's most beloved and iconic artists, has captured the hearts of Finns with her music and luminous personality for over thirty years. In addition to tango, Arja's diverse career has included pop, musicals, spiritual music, TV shows, films and most recently live concerts on the Finnkino screen.
In addition to the theme song Leipää, lempee, lämpöö this mass will feature the popular songs Puhun pienillä kirjaimilla, Tuulen värit and Majakanvartijat, as well as songs such as:
Enkeleitä yövuorossa
Kyynelten virta
Maailma on kaunis
Viiva ovenpieleen
Lisäksi Arjan kanssa yhdessä lauletaan
Anna kaikkien kukkien kukkia
Toivotaan, toivotaan
Täällä Pohjantähden alla

The mass will be addressed by Harri Henttinen, the vicar of Vesilahti, who will preach warm tolerance. This spring's Jeweller of the Year, "KirkkoHarri" is known in the public for his colourful and expressive style of dress and his love of jewellery. Henttinen, who is known to the general public from Yle's Papisto TV series, has been a pastor in her home congregation for 17 years.
The mass will be presided over by Meri Ala-Kokko, the priest of the Tuomiokirkko parish in Tampere.

At Mass you can again help your neighbour. This year again, all proceeds from the collection will be used to provide food aid for needy people in Tampere through the Food Bank.
Admission is free, doors open at 18.00.

The mass is part of the Tampere parishes' Year of Hope events.

The event is organised by:
Tampereen ev.lut. seurakuntayhtymä www.tampereenseurakunnat.fi
Tampereen Tuomasyhteisö www.tampereentuomasmessu.fi
Pirkanmaan musiikkiopisto www.pmo.fi
Eventtec Oy www.eventtec.fi

© Minna Lintukangas
© Minna Lintukangas