Kurpitsa Night Café

At the Pumpkin House Night Café, enjoy life in a lantern-lit garden. There will be words, chords, moments.

Samu Peltola - rhytmic Samu-pop with an indie-folk twist
Samu Peltola is a singer-songwriter and steel drum artist from Tampere, Finland. Before finding peace at home, his life as an eternal adventurer has taken him travelling around Asia and living in Australia and New Zealand. Finally finding the courage he needed to start living his dream as an artist and music maker, Samu's songs are personal, personal stories of pain and joy. He spices up his rhythmic Samu-pop music with a nice idie-folk twist.

Luhtaniitty (duo) - atmospheric songs with a guitar accompaniment
Luhtaniitty is an indie folk band from Tampere.The night café at Kurpitsatalo will feature songs from the band's forthcoming debut album, the first two singles from which were released in spring 2020 Luhtaniitty's lyrics explore the relationship between man and nature, love, hope and despair, and the search for inner peace.
Aamo Lieko - poetry and clarinet meditation
Aamo Lieko is a raindrop from Ylöjärvi and a poet who has published two works. Sometimes he performs improvisations on clarinet or piano. In recent years he has focused in particular on the use of the Kalevala measure to describe the modern mental landscape. At other times, he slowly wanders around the window, contemplating what it would be like to rest on a pickle leaf.

Antti Kyrö - poems
The gentleman, already middle-aged, has taken many twists and turns, not a poet or other, perhaps the destination is still unknown. At this particular event, he is most likely presenting his nature-oriented texts, which captures a great love for existence in its various forms of love.
In addition:
  • Surprise performer
  • Video projections
  • Cake exchange – bring a cake and you get to eat others cakes 
  • Exhibition

You can pay for café products in cash or by mobilepay
In case of rain, the event will be moved indoors.