Concept and created by Nick Deroo & Tom de Ronde

Fasten your seatbelts, there is no estimated time of arrival!

A surreal physical theatre piece about being in limbo, TRANSIT takes you inside an absurdly comical dream and then wakes you up with a weird feeling: Are we really going anywhere in life?

We’re more often on the way than arriving somewhere. We reach for happiness. We look for love. We try, we dream, we desire. Be prepared for turbulence. And enjoy the ride, because the length of the trip and the destination are unknown.

Tom de Ronde & Nick Deroo are a Dutch mime duo whose highly original aesthetic approach is influenced by the traditions of both physical theatre and mime, as well as pop culture, pop music and a shared love of cinematic theatre.

”Impactful, touching, and to quote one jury member: freaking magical.”
Amsterdam Fringe Jury