Kemi – II Memo of Trees


Concept and direction by Tuija Kokkonen
Written by Tuija Kokkonen & Nanna Pulkkinen, Joonas Kokkonen, Leo Castrén, Auri Castrén

How will we remember the forests, our time, our actions? What will an 18-year-old of today remember in the future? Remembering becomes harder and harder with the increasing destruction of natural habitats. As the landscapes of memory fade away, the understanding of life as a whole also disappears.

Premiered at Kiasma Theatre, Kemi – II Memo of Trees is the second half of Tuija Kokkonen’s two-part work. It was preceded by Kemi – Memo of Trees, a Kemi City Theatre production that was set in the Kemi region 100 years in the future.

The second installment takes the perspective of young climate activists: the ones who put their futures on the line to stand up for the trees – and have to live with the consequences of ecological crises.

Each performance accommodates 4 audience members.

”Kemi – II Memo of Trees is a major political act as it gives voice to the activists. It’s not shouting. It isn’t preaching. It doesn’t point a finger. […] It opens the door for understanding, acceptance and the ethics of civil disobedience.”
Hanna Helavuori, (text in Finnish)

The performance has been produced as part of Kiasma Theatre’s programme.

Kiasma Theatre, The University of the Arts Helsinki