Aino A.


Based on the novel by Jari Järvelä
Written by Kati Kaartinen
Directed by Sini Pesonen

Could there be an Alvar without Aino, and vice versa?

Kotka City Theatre’s exquisite new piece spotlights Aino Aalto, a talented modern architect in her own right and the woman behind world-renowned Alvar Aalto. The play shows us a working couple whose passion was to design the best possible spaces for people and everyday life.

Adapted by Kati Kaartinen from the novel by Jari Järvelä, pulsating with Jouni Bäckström’s music and helmed by director Sini Pesonen, Aino A. fuses together its many elements into a smoothly flowing story about an extraordinary individual who kept herself on the fringes but also gravitated towards things that weren’t easy to obtain for women in the early decades of the 20th century.

”An intelligent and ethereal theatrical blend of words, space, visuals, music and sounds. […] Aino A. belongs in Kotka City Theatre. The town hosts both the Aalto-designed industrial community of Sunila and the author Jari Järvelä, whose novel brought Aino Aalto (1894–1949) front and center.”
Hanna Helavuori,