Tampere Theatre Festival By Night – The Club Festival Encorebaana



The authentic atmosphere of the Theatre Festival continues late into the night as the Club Festival Encorebaana brings free performances to restaurants and pubs around the city. The Club Festival is organized in co-operation with the hotel chain Sokos Hotels and the cooperative Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa.

See the internationally-acclaimed The Hearing perform at Pub Ukko Nooa on Thursday. Solo artist Ringa Manner – daydreamer, nerd, rocker and music enthusiast – will charm you with her warm harmonies and electric loop songs. 

“When one’s eyes are closed and the focus is on only one of the senses, it’s like arriving at the station of Something Great and the experience is much more powerful. You start to feel the warm vocal harmonies, arbitrary pop melodies, moving rhythms and a strong presence.”

Electric Beat Orgy takes over Restaurant Kivenheitto with impressive beats and unique adaptations of catchy songs! The band, which consists of guitarist Ilkka Kainulainen, beatboxer Samu Paananen, bassist Kalle Marttila, and an alternating singer, is guaranteed to take you by surprise.

Classic pop and rock songs transform into jazz and tango in the hands of Hanna Lahtinen, Silja Kuoppala and Henna-Riikka Tahvanainen. The combination of piano, accordion and live vocals results in a colorful, lively show – elegant with a hint of sparkle. This trio will bring a smile to your face and sunshine into your life!

Check out the timetable of the performances on our English website under Encorebaana.


Interested in gigs and performances in Finnish?

Encorebaana also offers dynamic hiphop and rap music performed by the artist duo Mansesteri, unique folk and rock sounds by the Finnish-Canadian singer-songwriter Nicolas Kivilinna, and much more – in Finnish. Check out the performance schedule and get a taste of the Finnish language! The entire programme is available on Encorebaana's Finnish website.

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