Tampere Theatre Festival 2021 gathered around 23 000 people


Tampere Theatre Festival was organized last week August 2–8. In the Main Programme there were 13 performances that eventually drew a total of 1 998 festival goers. The whole festival with additional programmes gathered nearly 23 000 visitors. 

Due to the coronavirus situation getting worse the Regional State Administrative Agency gave a gathering restriction and a so-called safety distance order on July 30. A two-meter safety distance order entered into order on August 5.  

This meant that Tampere Theatre Festival had to reduce the audience seat capacity in some of the Main Programme’s shows on August 5–8. In addition, The Good Family performance had to be cancelled entirely due to Tampere University’s hardening restrictions.  


The Main Programme gathered 1 998 viewers in all  

The Main Programme included a total of 13 individual performances of which 11 were sold out. If the shows could have been implemented according to the original plan at 50 % venue capacity throughout the week, 4 000 spectators could have been taken to auditoria. Now the shows were followed by 1 998 viewers. 
T Lab programme was held for the first time at G Livelab Music Club. The programme gathered 879 viewers. The programme included 10 shows of which seven were sold out. 

The Festival’s Opening Ceremony took place at Laikku Stage on Tuesday 3 August. The ceremony was open to the public and was visited by approximately two hundred people. 


Theatre Festival’s additional programmes gathered almost 20 000 visitors – many events had to be cancelled in a short notice. 

OFF Tampere’s performances gathered about 11 000 viewers in total. The attendance at the performances had to be reduced further and Circus Ruska Festival’s performances in Pakkahuoneenaukio were cancelled and held online.  

On Thursday August 5, The Great Nocturnal Happening's events gathered 8 700 visitors. In a normal year it has an attendance of around 30 000.  

Also, most of the gatherings and seminars of theatre professionals were cancelled. 

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