Registration for OFF Tampere and The Great Nocturnal Happening is now open!


Registration for Tampere Theatre Festival's OFF Tampere fringe and The Great Nocturnal Happening is now open! The registration is open for events and performances until the 31st of May 2021.

The Great Nocturnal Happening

The Great Nocturnal Happening is sparkling up the festival week on Thursday 5th of August. The event fills the city centre with arts, culture and versatile events – the first ones beginning early in the morning and continuing late into the night. The programme is created by independent artists, cultural organizations, performing groups and local companies. In 2019, The Great Nocturnal Happening brought together almost hundred organizers and over 200 events with 30 987 participants! 

Sign up for The Great Nocturnal Happening from this link.

OFF Tampere

OFF Tampere is the official fringe programme with numerous performances during the Tampere Theatre Festival week 2–8 August. OFF Tampere is open for all performing artists and groups – amateurs and professionals alike. The groups and artists are in charge of the production, safety, expenses and ticket sales of their own performance, but Tampere Theatre Festival helps the groups in promoting and arranging the shows succesfully. In 2019, 40 different OFF Tampere productions and groups collected 42 000 viewers alogether.

Remember to note the –15% Early Bird offer for quick registrations!  

OFF Tampere registeration form is behind this link.

Tampere Theatre Festival keeps the registered organizers updated on the current COVID-19 restrictions and regulations and offers information on how to arrange a safe event. Welcome to create a long-awaited festival with us!


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