OFF Tampere Programme Features a Wide Range of Creative Energy


Tampere Theatre Festival's 26th fringe festival OFF Tampere fills the town during the festival week in August. This year's programme contains a wide range of performances, including drama, music, poetry, humour and circus acts around the town.

Physical Theatre Group Fudan Drama Troupe from China

First time in OFF Tampere's history we are honoured to welcome a theatre group from as far as Shanghai, China. Fudan Drama Troupe from the Fudan University performs physical theatre, so all communication happens through symbols and gestures. The performance 1925•Me is a story about self-discovery and introspection in busy everyday life, where making a contact with others requires a significant effort.

Circus Ruska Festival

Circus Ruska Festival brings again high quality circus acts to Tampere with various ensembles. WireDo and Sound Barrier shows present Japanese rope art of Shibari and whip cracking through circus art.

Humour is the key with which both the Spanish clown duo La Bella Tour and Irish circus artist Colm O'Grady charm their audiences. Aerial circus artist Laura Tikka, originally from Tampere, has been touring around the world with her acts for over 20 years, and now she returns to her former hometown with a fabulous acrobatic performance.

Dance Theatre MD Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Secunda Prattica is Dance Theatre MD's latest project and it's meant to not only celebrate the theatre's 20th anniversary, but also choreographer Mari Rosendahl's 30-year career. The performance is a surreal art journey featuring five dancers.

Loneliness Through Physical Theatre and Commedia dell'arte

Marco Ziello’s direction Yksinäisyys oven takana (”Loneliness Behind the Door”) is a two-act performance with a comedic twist, performed by Ziello himself and Thomas Pryke. The actors play out different situations where loneliness can be experienced. They use both physical theatre and the commedia dell'arte tradition in their performance.

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For more information: Production Assistant Valpuri Jurvelin | | Tel. +358 3 222 8536

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