OFF Tampere – Multicultural and Artistically Diverse Fringe Festival



OFF Tampere has a record-breaking number of participants this year – there is a total of 52 performances from 44 groups. The miscellaneous set of artists ranges all the way from amateurs to professionals, and from promising newcomers to experienced performers. During the week, we get to witness classics, fresh productions, great monologues, crazy circus acts, and dance that transcends beyond words.

Multicultural Aspects

Theatre of the year, Theatre Telakka, presents The Digital Hats Game. The play is written by Hassam Blasim, who arrived in Finland as a refugee ten years ago. The performance is the 20th anniversary play of Theatre Telakka, and is produced in co-operation with the Estonian theatre Tartu Uus Teatern.

Käris Bächeha delivers a multicultural show with their production Kirjeitä. The group consists of refugee youngsters who arrived in Finland without their parents. Directed by Sanna-Kaisa Hjorth, the performance is a collage about yearning, closeness, feelings and hope. Kirjeitä was awarded a grant at Teatris, the national theatre festival for youngsters.

Master Ichinosuke's Rakugo-show from Japan

OFF Tampere has the rare opportunity to present a production of the traditional Japanese comedy, Rakugo. Master Ichinosuke, whose performances are sold out within seconds in Tokyo, performs at the Old Library House on Monday and Tuesday. The show is subtitled in Finnish.

Mystique and Puppet Shows in Onkiniemi

Experience Finland's top puppet show when the trio Rajala–Käppi–Räikkä brings their adult-only production Räähkän luku – kauhunukkemystikaali to an old power plant. The late-night performance presents a dialogue between two heathens, a doll and the traditional Finnish instrument of jouhikko. Alma Rajala's direction and Pekko Käppi's music create an eerie and mystical atmosphere.

Circus Ruska Festival

Once again, Circus Ruska Festival brings superb circus acts to Tampere Theatre Festival. #MikäKesä2016 and Sisus: Mosh split are exciting street performances, and local magician and juggler Taikuri-Marko entertains in Pakkahuoneenaukio Square. Nuanc3d, an impressive motion sensor-based production, is a dynamic discussion between different art forms, latest technology and human bodies. Elice Muhonen and Sanja Kosonen's Capilotractées makes use of the traditional circus act of hair hang. The final show of the Festival takes place in the nightclub Klubi, and includes performances from various circus artists and the Balkan band 1,2 Dixie.

Hurma Monologue Festival

Organized for the sixth time, Hurma Monologue Festival takes place in the former Hurma elementary school in Sorila. The soliloquy performance presents several artists, including the actresses Ria Kataja and Katariina Havukainen.

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