Highlights from the First Press Conference


The 50th edition of the Tampere Theatre Festival kicked off on Monday and the first press conference was held at Klubi. We had the opportunity to hear several performers’ and directors’ thoughts on their pieces which will be performed during the first few days of the Festival.

You find pictures of the press conference behind this link.

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LizArt Productions & toxic dreams: The Audition for the Role of Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything

The Audition for the Role of Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything concentrates on the representation of disability on stage. Why are non-disabled people so often cast to portray disabled people? Who is more believable: an abled person pretending to have a disability or a disabled person pretending to have a more severe disability? Director Yosi Wanunu compares the situation to the antique practice of blackface, theatrical makeup worn by white people to make them look black.

Even though The Audition is a thought-provoking piece that brings up serious issues, it is not gloomy or grave. 

– You can deal with a lot of very difficult topics if you use humor and don't take yourself too seriously, Wanunu says.

– Most of the time, the disabled people sitting in the audience are the first to laugh. Then everyone starts to laugh because they feel they got a permission.

Teatterimonttu at the University of Tampere
Mon 6th August at 19.00
Tue 7th August at 16.00

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Teatteri Jurkka: Kikka Fan Club

Kikka Fan Club is a monologue that pays homage to the Finnish rebel artist Kikka, who was put on a pedestal and heavily criticised for her eroticism at the same time.

Actor Pia Andersson, who plays the title role, says that Kikka Fan Club has garnered a lot of praise and viewers because the piece is not only about Kikka but also about her fans.

– People miss Kikka, Andersson says.

TTT Kellariteatteri
Tue 7th August at 19.00
Wed 8th August at 12.30
Wed 8th August at 16.30

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Anna-Mari Karvonen, Anni Puolakka & working group: Amor fati

Amor fati is an evolutionary tale about a body and 200 kilograms of clay. Clay was the very genesis of the performance; it acts as a counterbalance to the digital world of today. The performance was also heavily inspired by an interview given by Brad Pitt to CQ magazine where he says that he takes comfort in clay and the visual arts.

In the end, the clay became something of a co-star for Samuli Niittymäki, who plays the role of Brad Pitt.

– Clay has a memory – it remembers the shapes it has taken, Anni Puolakka says.

Mon 6th August at 19.00
Tue 7th August at 13.00

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Ruusu Haarla & Julia Lappalainen: Turkka Dies

The idea for Turkka Dies was born when the Finnish theatre legend Jouko Turkka died in 2016. He was once again glorified in the media, which director Ruusu Haarla and actor Julia Lappalainen paid attention to because his teaching methods were known to have been harmful. The phenomenon is in no way unique.

Turkka Dies raises the question: why are men like Turkka constantly placed on a pedestal and why do we want to keep them there? Why have some students stayed loyal to him despite everything?

– Even if the students themselves have accepted the experiences, the trauma hasn't been collectively dealt with, Haarla says.

TT Frenckell
Thu 9th August at 19.00
Fri 10th August at 15.30

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Tampere Workers' Theatre: The Girls 1918

Director Sirkku Peltola wanted to approach the story of the female Red Guard of the Finnish Civil War by means of modern music. This is reflected in the soundscape of The Girls 1918. Similarly, it was important to have people of the same age as the real girls of the Red Guard in the play.

Peltola quotes the play: 'It takes more time to become human than to become a killer.' According to Peltola, one of the central themes of the musical is to ponder on the potentiality of violence in all of us rather than to show it.

– The shell of civilization is very thin. Violence and the possibility of it are always close to us. Violence is so easy – not effortless, but easier than becoming human, Peltola explains the quote.

TTT Main Stage
Tue 7th August at 12.30

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