High-quality theatre, music and entertainment at T Lab


– with Borta Beast, Seela Sella, Satu Silvo and Pikku Papun Orkesteri


Tampere Teatterikesä and G Livelab will continue their cooperation and offer high-quality T Lab programme on August 8–12, 2023. The programme is now announced and the ticket sales have begun. There will be music for many tastes, small-scale theatre and quality entertainment.

The ceiling rises high right on the opening night, when the legendary party band Borta Beast takes over the stage – for the first time in Tampere. Musicians in the group include Sami Pitkämö, Lenni-Kalle Taipale, Jarmo Saari and Marzi Nyman.

Marzi Nyman also covers Jimi Hendrix's immortal songs with his quartet. In the opening concert, classics by Leevi and the Leavings will be interpreted by actor-singers Minja Koski, Mikael Saari and the Lumos string quartet.

Ykspihlajan Kino-orkesteri, a familiar band from Juho Kuosmanen's films, takes you into the mood of Finnish schlagers and film music. In the ranks of the orchestra sing e.g. award-winning actors Anna and Oona Airola. Vibrant band newcomer Liksom Lux combines Rosa Liksom's lyrics commenting on the contemporary world and Liisa Lux's and Eeva Koivusalo's versatile compositions into new social songs.

This year T Lab also cherish families with children, when the beloved Pikku Papun Orkesteri comes to play their cheerful music for both young and older music lovers.

G Livelab's stage will be taken over this year by the iconic women of Finnish theatre. Näkymätön nainen (An Invisible Woman) is Satu Silvo's 60th anniversary performance, a tragically funny monologue for three. Seela Sella and musician Anne-Mari Kivimäki take the stage in a hilariously wistful drama performance Kauan kukkineet omenapuut.

The program ends with the freshly baked world premiere of Tommi Tuominen – Stand-up chronic. In a joyful all-night performance, comedian Tommi Tuominen goes through his personal story in the grips of chronic fatigue syndrome, codependency and the fear of death.

Read more about the performances here.

All the performances are performed in Finnish.

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