Happy World Theatre Day!


World Theatre Day was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute ITI. Ever since, each year on the 27th March (date of the opening of the 1962 "Theatre of Nations" season in Paris), World Theatre Day has been celebrated in many and varied ways.

Each year an outstanding figure in theatre or a person outstanding in heart and spirit from another field is invited to share his or her reflections on theatre and international harmony. What is known as the International Message is translated into more than 50 languages. This year’s message author Peter Sellars is an opera, theatre and festival director. 

Sellars writes:

“Where is the language, what are the moves, and what are the images that might allow us to comprehend the deep shifts and ruptures that we are experiencing? And how can we convey the content of our lives right now not as reportage but experience?

Theater is the artform of experience.” 

Read the Message for World Theatre Day 2022

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