Fire, AI and 'I do' - the program for the Great Nocturnal Happening has been announced


Thursday 10.8 of the Tampere Theatre Festival week, the people of Tampere will once again enjoy a wide spectrum of events, when the Great Nocturnal Happening conquers the streets, alleys and shops.


Artificial intelligence art rears its head in the Nocturnal Happening, when Jussi Lahtinen's Urban AI Art artwork can be seen in Keskustori's Kesäkeidas, where artificial intelligence produces an endless stream of images in real time for its viewers to see. The temporality of the work is realized in the fact that the images are destroyed immediately after their appearance and are replaced by new ones - never to be seen again. At AI Thursday in the Finlayson area, the thoughts, communication and future of artificial intelligence will be discussed under the leadership of the artists of the Unpublished – Julkaisematon -artificial intelligence installation.

The most romantic moments of the Nocturnal Happening are sure to be experienced at Museo Milavida's Wedding Night, where couples are married, and dance late into the night accompanied by the Juhlaorkesteri Puolitie. Of course, you can also go for romance at the Rakkauskrapulaa poetry evening, Azucar's summer salsas or Tampere Ursa's August starry night. - or any other event you find romantic.

Lovers of fire art will be treated to two magical and captivating performances this year. Flamma's Tulipuisto performance will continue again in Mältinranta, when fiery superheroes - and perhaps their arch-enemies - will enter the arena. Before Tulipuisto Ultra Vixen's Hooptroop's Fire dance will be seen, which promises to leave the audience speechless.


Once again this year, the Great Nocturnal Happening will be made together with numerous artists, groups and companies, thanks to which the event will surely offer something for everyone. So see the entire wonderful program on the website of the Nocturnal Happening.


Facebook & Instagram. of the Great Nocturnal Happening

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