Exquisite Performances for International Audiences


Don't speak a word of Finnish but want to experience Tampere Theatre Festival?
We've got you covered! Take a look at this concise list of all of the performances in our Main Programme that are suitable for international audiences.

Performed in Finnish, subtitled in English

Babylon examines power structures from the point of view of women in today's society. It is a poignant piece, as much a think piece as it is funny.

N.E.G.RO. is a solo piece by Geoffrey Erista that examines, among many other themes, black masculinity and racialised bodies.

Performed (primarily) in English

Hot Brown Honey is an energetic, hip hop fueled spectacle that aims to crush prejudice and stereotypes and empower.

Man on the Moon is an examination of identity, family dynamics, and the Black British female experience.

In NASSIM, the guest performer sees the script for the first time on the stage without rehearsal or preparations.

In SLICK, Qarl Qunt, a drag king on his fourth world tour, serves the audience cabaret, dance, and physical theatre and openly challenges stereotypical concepts of gender.

Performed in languages other than English, subtitled in English or Finnish

In Marat/Sade, asylum inmates, lead by Marquis de Sade, begin staging a play about the assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, a hero of the French Revolution. Performed in Swedish, subtitled in Finnish and English.

Medea is a modern take on the original Greek tragedy by Euripides. Now, the point of view is through the eyes of innocent children and the monster is an ordinary, caring mother. Performed in German, subtitled in Finnish.

La Reprise. Histoire(s) du théâtre (I) is a play based on actual events: a murder that occurred in Liège, Belgium in April 2012. Performed in French and Flemish, subtitled in Finnish and English.


Sisters & The Field: Sisters is a gripping depiction of lifelong sibling affection. The Field takes a look at the 1918 Finnish civil war and its stories through the eyes of a contemporary woman.

In I'm Liquid, contemporary dance is mixed with martial arts.

LION – The Weird and Magical Abracadabra Circus Show is, it its essence, circus, pantomime, and nods to splatter movies; all done tongue-in-cheek. Starring the actor and master mime Marc Gassot.

Stories in the City is a delicious mix of comedy, circus and personal chemistry, turning street theatre into a playful street fight on the corner of reality and make-believe. Come witness this free of charge street performance for yourself!

Synopses for all of the Finnish performances can be found at their respective venues.

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Hotel Tammer Concerts celebrate the 90th anniversary of the iconic riverside hotel. Come join monsieur Jorma Uotinen for brunch as he performs French chansons in the open air terrace.

Take advantage of the great opportunity to attend workshops, discussions, seminars, and meetings during Tampere Theatre Festival: attend an intensive week of Axis Syllabus classes or get to know the theatrical history of Tampere and Popteatteri in the exhibitions in Vapriikki.

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