The past meets the future in seminars, meetings and more


Tampere Theatre Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary also off the stages on 6th–12th August 2018.

Hair, Hamlet and Tender Love – 50 years of Tampere Theatre Festival brings back memories from the 1960s until today with photos and stories from the audience. The exhibition will be open from the 2nd till the 28th of August in the Gallery of Cultural House Laikku.

Together with New Play Finland (UNO) and Theatre Info Finland (TINFO), Tampere Theatre Festival looks toward the future. Future is Present will introduce the work of some of the most intriguing and exciting artists, thinkers and activists of the Finnish theatre scene. TINFO, UNO and Tampere Theatre festival will arrange encounters between international curators, festival directors, dramaturges and Finnish performing arts artists and playwrights on 10th–11th August 2018.

Several theatrical organisations will arrange a seminar: Equality, Democracy and Professionalism will be held at Tampere City Library Metso on Friday 10th of August. Professionalism and today’s political theatre are in the focus of the seminar. The first part on Friday morning will be in English.

UNO also invites theatre enthusiasts to take part in an event that showcases Finnish playwriting at its finest on 11th of August. Saturday’s English programme includes reading performances and a discussion with the writer Marie Kajava. See the full programme of the event here

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