Tampere Theatre Festival’s 50th anniversary was a success with more than 90,000 visitors


The 50th edition of the Tampere Theatre Festival ended on Sunday with a total of 91,703 visitors. The figure includes all the Festival’s programmes and events: the Main Programme, Programme Tent, OFF Tampere, Club Festival Encorebaana, Great Nocturnal Happening, Opening Ceremony and all the discussions, seminars and other events that took place over the festival week.

Main Programme performances attended by 9,020 spectators

The Theatre Festival’s Main Programme performances were attended by a total of 9,020 spectators.

– We’re very happy with these figures. This year’s Main Programme visitor number exceeded that of last year’s by more than a thousand spectators. In honor of the 50th anniversary, we also had more international large-scale performances than before, says Executive Director Hanna Rosendahl.

The Main Programme included a total of 38 individual performances, 14 of which sold out. The performances with the highest attendance figures were Paris de Nuit by Recirquel Company Budapest with 1,668 spectators, Night of the Moles by Nanterre-Amandiers with 1,005 spectators and Blood Roses by KOM Theatre with 889 spectators. Both performances of Turkka Dies, which premiered at the festival, sold out completely.

Finnish artists attracted visitors in the Programme Tent

The Programme Tent included ten performances that were attended by a total of 1,919 visitors. The most popular shows were Yrttitarhassa (In the garden) by Kaj Chydenius, the monologue Parasta elämässä (Every Brilliant Thing) performed by Martti Suosalo, the musical performance Mestari Astor (Master Astor) and Tämän vuosituhannen näyttämömusiikkia vol. 2 (Stage music of the 21st century vol. 2) by Eeva Kontu, Anna-Mari Kähärä and Jussi Tuurna.

The Festival’s other programmes gained popularity with versatile events

The Club Festival Encorebaana, organised in co-operation with Sokos Hotels Tampere and the cooperative Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa, gathered a total of 1290 viewers with 11 free performances.

With 45 participants, the versatile OFF Tampere gathered a total of 52,127 visitors. The participants included several summer theatres from the Pirkanmaa region as well as the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and Tampere Hall with their Park Concert in Sorsapuisto.

The Great Nocturnal Happening on Thursday 9th August included a total of 185 events, as many as 162 of which had free admission. The estimated attendance figure is 25,371.

Several seminars, meetings and discussions were also held during the festival week. They were attended by approximately 875 people. The Theatre Festival’s 50th anniversary exhibition gathered approximately 230 visitors over the festival week. The exhibition is open till the 28th of August in the Gallery of Cultural House Laikku.

The total number of Theatre Festival performances and events was close to 400. Many of them had free admission.

The Artistic Team in charge of next year’s Main Programme

The Tampere Theatre Festival will be held from 5th to 11th August next year. Performances for the Main Programme will be selected by the Artistic Team, which consists of Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen, Aleksis Meaney and the newly joined Tanjalotta Räikkä. The Main Programme of 2019 will be published in early May.

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