Vaimoni, Casanova


In My Wife, Casanova (origin. Vaimoni, Casanova) Kyllikki Lalla is a scandalously retired theatre manager and an aging actor. Theatre is Kyllikki's whole life and all the people are mearly actors in a play strarring Kyllikki herself. Antero Jokinen is a director, actor, musician and an cloakroom attendant. At the stage a small group of performers gather to ambitiously recreate a previously cancelled musical production about the legandary lover Casanova. A frigate, ritualtheatre, art, fear of beeing abandoned and painful need to bee seen are combined to create love in ways not necessarily suited for everyone. My Wife, Casanova is a journey into the depth of an ocean. My Wife, Casanova is a deathdance on stage.