The power of imagination in creating your own life

-workshops and a stand-up performance

At the Centre for Spiritual Growth, Valossa, The power of imagination in creating your own life - workshops at 18 and 20.30, guided by Katja Ruuskanen. The workshop will explore the power of your own mind and imagination and how to use them consciously to create the things you want in your life. Duration 15 min.

Stand up show at 19.15, Duration 10min.

There is capacity for 20 people for the workshops and presentation, so please come early.
In between workshops we will be doing Clear-Sighted mini-readings about your energy field, 15 min/price 10€.

Directions for arrival: Rautatienkatu 15 C 71, apartment building at the intersection of Rautatienkatu and Satakunnankatu (blue balconies). Valossa is located in the office wing at the end of the courtyard, marked 5C. The lower door has a buzzer, the space is on the 1st floor.

More information about the organiser: Valossa
© Lukas Goumpik
© Lukas Goumpik