Sensational Trick Show by Simo Frangén

Mr. Simo Frangén entertains at 19.00 with his sensational trick show in Finlayson!


The Finlayson area has a lot of spectacular and unique programs on the Nocturnal Happening in several different destinations, e.g. in the Väinö Linna square, museums, exhibition spaces, indoors and outdoors. 

Programme at Väinö Linna Square:

  • 18:00 Tampereen Ihankaikkinen Kuninkaallinen Tuomiokuoro
  • 18:30 Rock n' Twerk by Martta Rautio
  • 19:00 Maisteri Simo Frangénin Sensaatiomainen niksishow
  • 19:30 Rock n' Twerk by Martta Rautio
  • 20:00 Taidevankkuri Linnuntie
  • 20:40 Kansansäveliä - Tampere Chamber


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