Sadinmaa's Confirmation School

Kai Sadinmaa

Sadinmaa's Confirmation School is a performance in which Sadinmaa's ironic-reflective and innocence-seeking autofiction disarms the audience, shatters truisms and creates space and hope. Sadinmaa's performance is a musical monologue, a soul-stirring mass, the countdown of our humanity-universe.

In Sadinmaa's Confirmation School the fortress of orthodox Christianity is blown to pieces and the spirit is freed from its ecclesiastical straitjacket. The rhetoric of the performance challenges, translates and twists language into new ones: God is also Mother and Lover. Jesus is a historical-factual person and a metaphorical big bang.  The second half of the show is a conversation with the audience, where the audience has the opportunity to share, comment, and ask questions.

The performance is intended for seekers and those who are longing, those who have left the church and those who have become alienated from religions.

"At the Sadinmaa`s Confirmation School Christianity is updated to this day with a drive that doesn't compromise on the truth. It confuses some and delights others."

Piia Klemi, Kirkko ja kaupunki

"Sadinmaa`s Confirmation School is a strong stand-up sermon on familiar themes (...) The personal and life-historical presentation will not leave its viewers cold."

Jarmo Kokkonen, Vartija