Roda de Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian playful and social martial art that combines various kicks, dodges and even acrobatics with Afro-Brazilian music into a beautiful, dance-like movement language. Versatile Capoeira is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and sizes.

The performers are mainly capoeristas participating in the 25th anniversary of the Pirkan Berimbao Association. However, this is an open, interactive street event open to anyone who is interested in the sport.

Other capoeira games during the weekend can be watched on Saturday 12.8 from 12-14 at Tammela Market or from 20-22 at Ratina Marina on the Suvantokatu side. The autumn training season starts at the beginning of September in the indoor gym of Ratina Stadium.

We welcome you to visit us without any obligation.