Directed and performed by Inga Björn & Kristiina Tammisalo

In this physical comedy, two slick and smooth front desk receptionists try to get through their day as hospitality industry professionals working at a five-star hotel.

They are fluent in many languages, although nobody understands a word they’re saying. And on top of that, they are deathly afraid of their guests.

The extraordinary chemistry between virtuoso clowns Inga Björn and Kristiina Tammisalo makes this piece a crazy delight. Their acrobatic prowess and well-trained smiling muscles turn everyday customer service interactions into something quite absurd and spectacular.

This family-friendly show is suitable for any language level and recommended for ages 7 and up.

”Can’t help it. They’re outrageously funny. The clown team of Inga Björn and Kristiina Tammisalo, that is.”
Annikki Alku, Demokraatti newspaper (text in Finnish)