Lempäälän Nuorisoseuran Teatteri

A touching love story of Armi and Olavi. A tragicomic musical play with a South Ostrobothnian mentality.

Armi falls in love with Olavi, runs away from home and moves to Larva's house in South Ostrobothnia. However, the newlyweds' life is dictated by Olavi's mother Laimi and the bedridden Aunt Ilmi.
Pesärikko is a story about the pressures of the countryside, saturated with thick humour. It tells the story of men who can't cope with their emotions. And women who make their own decisions.
Pesärikko is a strong and insightful portrayal of the South Ostrobothnian character and way of life. Preserving a robust façade in the eyes of the village community is as much about the individual as it is about the family community. Shame silences people, and it also silences emotions, which then spill out unaddressed and uncontrolled. "Hillitte ittes" and "Mitä ihmisekki sanoo" are repeated in lines bubbling with vivid dialect.