Nocturnal Happening at Werstas

In the early evening, the youngest members of the family will get a glimpse into the life of Viiperi Mouse on a children's tour of the Museum of Industry. After dark, a K18 tour will lead participants through the secrets of a silenced and frowned-upon history in a new exhibition of Werstas "The Power of Community". Jukka Nousiainen will conclude the evening with a concert in the atmospheric hall of the Työväentalo.


Werstas is open until 22.00 on Norcturnal Happening!

18.00 Children's tour of the Museum of Industry
What was life like for children in a factory town in the old days? The tour takes you to a guided tour of life in the factory town and helps Viiperi Mouse, who wanders around the Industry Museum. The tour is suitable for children over 3 years old. Duration 45 min.

There is also a Vekara toy shop for children and a self-guided tour of the museum.

19.00 ja 20.00 K18 a guided tour of the Power of Community exhibition
Venture into the whirlwind of history with Werstas' K-18 tours! The nation's silent topics, ranging from syphilis inspections to perversion and from the ban on dancing to the collapse of sexual morality, are now under scrutiny.

21.00 Jukka Nousiainen
Original songwriter Jukka Nousiainen brings his sound ranging from deep-water blues to joyful rock to the Werstas people's house. His music has been described as the number "light beer country", among other things. Nousiainen is known as a versatile musician and artist and as the lead guitarist of bands such as Räjäyttäjät and Jukka ja jytämimmit.

18.00-21.00 Book and junk fair in the square
Quality literature at low prices, come and make a bargain.

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© Työväenmuseo Werstas