Mieletön – No mind, crazy, amazing


Written by the team
Directed by Niina Sillanpää

A worn-out mother and a meditating therapist on a journey filled with bizarre clown philosophy and lively clashes about spiritual evolution. Welcome to the realm of the award-winning Red Nose Company.

Fed up with the world’s insanity, Secret (Amira Khalifa) and Tiktak (Nora Raikamo) are looking for a way out, to a better and more meaningful life. They won’t settle for a slight improvement – they want to be enlightened! And they want the audience to share the experience. Using Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha as their compass they launch off on a quest which frequently crashes into their own egos, personal traits and limitations.

Jussu Pöyhönen, the show’s songwriter and known for fronting the group Suurlähettiläät, performs live with the singing clown duo.

”You leave with a sense of calm, like the show did some healing with its compassionate gaze.”
Laura Kytölä, Helsingin Sanomat

Produced in collaboration with the Tampere Hall