Karavaanari – Kaikkien kaveri

Pyynikin kesäteatteri

Written by Heikki Syrjä and Riku Suokka and directed by Suokka.

Karavaanari – Kaikkien kaveri is a comedy about prejudice, the age-old battle between good and evil and the unseen power of community. Mikko Aarnela (Lari Halme), a successful actor in his own right, returns from a summer theatre premiere to witness a murder on his way home. He realises that his life is in danger when he witnesses the crime and is forced to flee. In a panic, Mikko steals a camper van and finds himself in the middle of the biggest adventure of his life. Mikko must blend in with a peculiar and mysterious tribe that is ostracised by many: the caravans. Karavaanari – Kaikkien kaveri contrasts stereotypical images of trendy, European-oriented Finland with the Finland that can meet its daily needs in a single car market.