Some Discussions on Meaning


Akse Pettersson & team 
Directed by Akse Pettersson

Three inevitably aging supporting actors are standing by on location. Days and years go by, and nothing really changes. But then there are moments when a sudden need for connection strikes. Could someone please tell us what to do, and why we’re here – or let us go home?

Another masterful mix of laughs and melancholy from theatremaker Akse Pettersson, Some Discussions on Meaning deals with frustration and fading away and the search for meaning in a life that is, despite everything, mostly all right.

The phenomenal onstage lineup includes actors Elina Knihtilä, Tommi Korpela and Pirjo Lonka, dance artist Jyrki Karttunen and musician Ringa Manner.

In collaboration with The Finnish National Theatre

”Brilliant playwriting meets exceptional acting.”
Tuomas Rantanen, Voima