Tampereen Työväen Teatteri Residence

Do you ever feel like.... you're not enough. Like, no matter how hard you try, how high you reach, how wide you grasp, that you're just not enough? That you have no idea what you should be measuring up to, but at least somewhere higher, further, and faster, better. Don’t worry! The problem has hence been created, and now there is a solution to it!

BurnOutPlay is a performance about exhaustion, confronting oneself, and survival. The play's text is based on interviews with, and true stories of people who have experienced 'burnout'. The performance takes a gentle and humorous approach towards our shared humanity and incompleteness.

Why do so many people burn out?

According to a study by THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare), one in four working Finns suffers from some form of burnout. Despite its prevalence, burnout is still a taboo, and those affected by it carry a stigma. This performance is a place where you can delve into the topic, seek peer support, or simply enjoy theater art. The idea of the performance is to spark a conversation about mental health and burnout.

In BurnOutPlay, we see dance that physicalizes the experience of burnout and embodies the inner feelings of the matter. Dance continues where words leave off.

"If anything is certain, it’s that we live by the mercy of the current of life. It’s easier when you just let go of that rock you’re clinging to with your last strength and surrender to the flow."

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