Written and directed by Masi Tiitta

Friends? Lovers? Two passing acquaintances? An unexpected encounter leads to a discussion of life’s decisions both big and small.

Premiered at Helsinki City Theatre’s Stage for Contemporary Performance, Dilemma revolves around a chance meeting and the difficulty of making choices. Two exceptional actors engage in a conversation where questions remain unanswered and nonverbal cues hint at the possibility of a life-changing experience.

Says director Masi Tiitta, ”What is the comedy, but also the beauty and delicateness, inherent in everyday encounters? Dilemma invites you to witness a lingering dialogue that makes you wonder about existing otherwise.”

”Once again I was reminded of how expressive and impactful art can be when it’s based on sheer presence and direct interaction.”
Matti Saarela, Kielipuolen päiväkirja blog