Ceci n’est pas moi

Pirkanmaan Tanssin Keskus: Linda Kuha

Just after the radioactive fallout in 1986, a human being starts her life, busy to experience everything. There is no time to waste because somebody might pull out the cable of a landline phone in the middle of a song. Headlines about the greenhouse effect and recession remind that there is only a little of everything, even time. She goes every morning to grandpa’s house to watch a rerun of MacGyver because otherwise there is nothing to do, otherwise time is not well spent. She has to hurry up, to run away from torpor. The story of my generation could be from anyone. Where do I find my place in this story?

Ceci n’est pas moi is a sincere and intimate dance monologue about responsibility, the pursuit of freedom and how these two shape identity. Ceci n’est pas moi reflects on past and brings forward a self portrait of Generation-Y.

Choreographer Linda Kuha approaches this solo performance as autofiction. What are the possibilities to find authenticity in the firm compression of responsibility? The audience is invited to observe performer’s physical reflection on control and freedom, unveiled layer by layer. This solo performance is flirting with the truth and wants to make friends with it.

Artistic context is based on complexity of identity and theories of truth. The name refers to the classic surrealistic work La Trahison des images (1929) of René Magritte which invites us to think beyond the obvious.

Kuha loves playing with dance and takes it very seriously. She uses life experiences as material for improvisation scores and blends the abundance of movement with text.

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