Anna Liisa


Written by Minna Canth
Directed by Anni Mikkelsson

Kajaani City Theatre’s stirringly topical take on Minna Canth’s classic play focuses on women’s right to autonomy over their bodies.

Anna Liisa Kortesuo is a young woman tormented by years of guilt after ending the life of her newborn baby. Is she the only one to blame, or was her community at least partially responsible?

The stage echoes the swamplands of Finnish Kainuu and the burdens of women, as Anna Liisa turns shame into a wild dance and makes room for life at the intersection of Anni Mikkelsson’s directorial vision, dance artist Maija Viipuri’s delicate movement material and visual artist Veera Kopsala’s striking wood reliefs.

”I’m sure Minna Canth would be proud of this adaptation.”
Seppo Turunen, Riippumaton tuumailija blog