Pirkanmaan Tanssin Keskus & ALDA working group

ALDA is a live installation existing on the boundaries between dance and visual arts. The work is inspired by women’s collective physical labor. It uses repetitive motions and songs to make space for intimate female assembly, care and coalescence through movement, sound and material. ALDA is a polyphonic event where dance, choreography, soundscape and material come together to create an atmosphere of deep listening and togetherness – resulting in a space where time passes differently.

The creation of a movement language and imagery from a listening practice, together with softness, sensitivity, ever-changing movements and the integration of bodies with their environment has been the driving force behind Katrín Gunnarsdóttir’s choreographic research. She has, together with a group of female dancers, created an embodied landscape that changes through the duration of the installation. The dancing labor comes to life in different constellations, resulting in a rising and falling movement throughout the day.

Designer Eva Signy Berger has been inspired by softness, recurrence, the unexpected, water and time while working with fabrics as a material for the visual installation. Baldvin Þór Magnússon has composed the soundscape, using only the dancers’ own voices. With fewer dancing bodies in the space, the soundscape continues to evolve, grow and complexify, creating an echo of what has happened before.

The name ALDA, or WAVE, does not only reference the wave as a movement, but also refers to recurring rituals and tasks, including labor that is never finished.


Katrín Gunnarsdóttir