Action Hero


Written and directed by Liila Jokelin

A high-velocity comedy about unfinished people, thoughts and a piece of art.

Film aficionados Riikka and Petteri decide to make a feminist action movie. Shooting begins in the backyard of a house owned by Rolf, a man in his fifties. The cast features a recently discovered talent – Eeva, a pharmacist-turned-artist who’s studied film at the Voionmaa Institute.

The budget is well below shoestring, and the setup is modest at best. But when one launches off to change the world with one’s art, one must complete the mission. What are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead when you’re finding your way to rethink not just pop culture but also yourself?

With its constant twists and turns, this hilarious action film study will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

”Action Hero is a feathery sledgehammer to the head of clichés, genres and today’s alienating art-language.”
Matti Mörttinen, (text in Finnish)