Stepping Out Theatre

The Voyages of the Starship Lunar Sea (Cabaret)

Three demented psychiatrists tour the universe in search of fresh victims to receive their dubious services! The Voyages of the Starship 'Lunar Sea' was a performance project specially commissioned for World Mental Health Day 1997 and combined drama, music, dance, juggling and magic.

A comedy with some serious things to say about mental health.

The first ever Stepping Out Theatre Company script was developed over several months from workshops with mental health service users and included writing by people who have been through 'the system' themselves.

Hilarious, moving, provocative but, above all, entertaining; a must for everyone who has ever loved or hated StarTrek!

The Voyages of the Starship Lunar Sea (Cabaret) on osa Lielahden kartanossa 7–9.8 järjestettäviä MielenTilat -teatterifestivaalia!

Esitys on saanut ensi-iltansa 1997 ja on varta vasten kurottu uudelleen kokoon Suomen esitystä varten.