DUS, LÄNK & Nuori Näyttämö


The Nordic countries have co-founded a new nation: Nevadaland. Nevadaland is blooming compared to the rest of the slowly collapsing world, that has become uninhabitable Westland. To make the growth and welfare a status quo Nevadaland has built a wall around it, enclosing itself with the riches of the nature, technology and knowledge. The management has promised to enlarge the nation and help the rest of the world, when the time will be right for it. But will they keep the promise? More and more people get anxious to get inside the paradise-nation and confrontations between outsiders trying to get into Nevadaland and the Nevadaland Wasteland patrol, guarding the wall surrounding Nevadaland, become more and more common. Inside Nevadaland the management struggles with power battles, leadership, inner-hierarchies, and questions of appeal and transparency to the outside. The habitants of Nevadaland struggle with the same questions that every human does, longing for acceptance, love, safety, meaning and a social status. What do you do when you have to choose between your on privileged position and a strangers rights? Nevadaland examines privilege, barriers, rights and what makes people think they deserve more than other people.

The performance is part of The Nuori Näyttämö (A stage for youth) theatre festival.