Where Did You Go?


A firsthand account of living with a seriously ill parent.

Looking through an adult child’s eyes, this solo performance deals with role reversal, the child becoming the caregiver. It shows us how interaction changes when your parent, someone you’ve known all your life, turns into a stranger due to an illness. Where Did You Go? gives physical shape and dramatic form to this experience, transforming the stage into a shared safe space to feel anger, fear, longing and relief, and a place where you have the courage to be both weak and strong.

Combining interview material with writer-director-composer Talvikki Eerola’s work, Where Did You Go? was created with the help of FinFami’s (Finnish Central Association of Families of People with Mental Illness) member associations in the Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa regions.

The event includes an introduction and a post-show audience discussion.

”As someone in the audience pointed out, the body tells and conveys what is difficult to put into words.”
Hanna Helavuori, hannahelavuori.com (text in Finnish)